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If you are the operator of a forklift truck, even if you are only hiring it, it is your obligation to make sure it holds an up to date Report of Thorough Examination. It is up to you to arrange for a Thorough Examination at least every twelve months – it is the responsibility of the user, not the hire company.

A Thorough Examination is a bit like a car MOT – it sets the standards to say that all the aspects that are connected with safety have been inspected and assessed as being safe at the time of the test.

We also offer planned maintenance agreements and all inclusive maintenance programs, with fixed service cost.  Our workshop facility in Limassol offers everything from a basic rewiring, upgrade or fitting of systems to fabrication and welding, whether the handling equipment is powered by electricity, diesel or LPG.

Failing to comply with the Thorough Examination obligations means you could be responsible for an accident through use of unsafe equipment. You could be prosecuted and your insurance could be invalidated. Remember, it is the user of the truck who is held responsible.

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