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Hyster has revolutionised the manufacturing process to deliver the tough truck you expect, built to meet the exact needs of your application – the Hyster® A Series.

The Hyster A Series is designed using A+ Logic, with a fully integrated set of scalable and adjustable features that allows you to easily fine-tune the right solution to fit your unique application.

Check out these videos to see some of the features of the Hyster® H2.0-3.5A models, for lifts up to 3.5 tonnes, which provide the comfort, cost and performance benefits that your operation and your operators need to function optimally.

The Hyster A Series… for visibility

Excellent visibility gives you the ability to clearly see your surroundings. Other forklifts trucks, robotics, pedestrians, and other vehicles are hazards to be avoided. Clear visibility is key to help avoid incidents and damage. The Hyster A Series lift trucks deliver on all round visibility.

The Hyster A Series… for ergonomics

You have to experience it to believe it. Every detail of the operator compartment has been precisely engineered to provide optimal comfort and best-in-class visibility to help operators stay comfortable and productive all shift long.

The Hyster A Series… front end design

The new Hyster A series forklifts feature a large mast window as standard, offering excellent through mast visibility. See the 3-stage full free lift mast and 1070mm hook type integral side shift in action.

The Hyster A Series… truck controls

Operator confidence and comfort are tremendously important as they help to enhance productivity. That’s why the new A Series lift trucks feature operator-centric design to support proper ergonomics and high performance. See the intuitive controls at work in this video.

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