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Our training center which is located in Limassol is considered by many customers and accrediting agents as being one of the most ideal forklift training facilities of high standards. It is used by both corporate customers and self sponsored delegates (private individuals), who wish to obtain their ‘forklift license’. The training center has a suitable area for practical sessions which include all material handling equipment, all suitable loads and has two fully furnished classrooms for running theory classes.

The Center can provide safety courses for a variety of material handling equipment such as Counterbalance, Reach Trucks, Pedestrian / Ride on Stackers, Pallet trucks, Manual Handlifts, Very Narrow Aisles (VNA), Order Pickers and Mobile Elevating Platforms. The safety courses also include machines with motive power of Electric, Diesel, LPG and Gasoline.


  • To teach necessary skills and relevant job safety
  • To acquire knowledge for the safe operation of the machine.
  • To encourage future good practice in order to maintain and promote these skills.
  • To create a safe working environment and procedures within the working area of the machine and its operator.
  • To conform with all relevant statutory procedures (e.g. Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and approved codes of practice)

Operator Training Courses

Powered & Manual Pallet Trucks

Manual HandliftsOperatorEnergyCourse Type
Z1PedestrianManual & Semi-ManualSafe Use of Semi-Manual Pallet Truck by Pedestrian.
Powered Pallet TrucksOperatorEnergyCourse Type
A1PedestrianElectricSafe Use of Pallet Truck by Pedestrian.
A2RiderElectricSafe Use of Ride-on Pallet Truck by Pedestrian.

Pallet Stackers

Pallet StackersOperatorEnergyCourse Type
A5PedestrianElectricSafe Use of Pallet Stacker by Pedestrian.
D2RiderSemi-ManualSafe Use of Ride-On Semi-Manual Pallet Stacker by Pedestrian.
Z3PedestrianSemi-ManualSafe use of Semi Manual Pallet Stacker by Pedestrian.
Z4PedestrianSemi-ManualSafe use of Semi Manual Straddle Truck by Pedestrian.

Forklift Trucks

ForkliftsOperatorEnergyCourse Type
B1RiderElectric/Diesel/LPG/ GasolineSafe use of Counterbalance Forklift up to 5 Tonnes.
B2RiderElectric/Diesel/LPG/ GasolineSafe use of Counterbalance Forklift up to 15 Tonnes.
B3RiderElectric/Diesel/LPG/GasolineSafe use of Counterbalance FOrklift up to 45 Tonnes.

Reach Trucks

Reach TrucksOperatorEnergyCourse Type
D1RiderElectricSafe use of Counterbalance Reach Truck.

Order Pickers

Order PickersOperatorEnergyCourse Type
E1PedestrianElectricSafe use of Order Picker by Pedestrian up to 2.5 Metres.
E2PedestrianElectricSafe use of Order Picker by Pedestrian from 2.5 Metres and above.

Very Narrow Aisles (VNA)

Very Narrow AislesOperatorEnergyCourse Type
F1Rider UpElectricSafe use of Rider-Up Very Narrow Aisle by Pedestrian.
F2Rider DownElectricSafe use of Rider-Down Very Narrow Aisle by Pedestrian.

Mobile Elevating Working Platforms

Elevating PlatformsOperatorEnergyCourse Type
1APedestrianElectricSafe use of MEWP Vertical Elevating Platform (Static)
1BPedestrianElectricSafe use of MEWP Boom Elevating Platform (Static)
3APedestrianElectricSafe use of MEWP Mobile Elevating Platform (Vertical)
3BPedestrianElectricSafe use of MEWP Mobile Elevating Platform (Boom)