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Forklifts Service & Repairs Cyprus

We Can Provide You With

  • Repairs for any forklift truck.
  • Repairs for reach trucks, stackers, order pickers, pallet trucks and any other material handling machinery.
  • Maintenance and Service for your trucks.
  • Complete reconditioning of pre-owned forklift trucks.
  • Forklift replacements.
  • New and Used spare parts.

Our focus is clear! We concentrate only on forklifts and related machinery meaning that we want to do ONE thing but be the BEST!

We encourage you to ask any of our successful clients in the local market for information on our customer service and quality of work.

Additionally we would like you to know that we will support you by establishing a regular maintenance schedule and providing training for your operators in an attempt to minimize your machines’ costs and downtime.

You forklift’s health is not something that should be neglected. Your machine is as good as its performance and since we deal with hundreds of forklifts every month, we can see that most issues arise due to neglected servicing thus raising the costs on the forklift maintenance when parts break and require replacement.

At Y. Skembedjis & Sons Ltd we also rent and sell forklifts meaning that maintenance is a huge part of our business. With our experienced engineers and fully equipped facilities, we ensure you that we can fix ANY issue you may have with your forklift, we can even accomplish complete engine restorations.
And since not all repairs require a workshop, our repair vans are there for emergency repairs on your own work environment.