All Easyramps models are unique in construction and engineering . The side profiles of all models are constructed from a single piece of steel giving an Easyramp the highest levels of performance, durability and safety. Your Easyramp will provide your business with the ideal solution for the safe and easy loading/unloading of containers and trailers.

Combining only the highest standards in quality materials and construction, engineering and after-sales service an Easyramp offers the most efficient, user friendly answer to your operational needs. And they are in stock now!

Choose the model that suits you and remember, if you don’t see a suitable Easyramp here then we are happy to build one for you to your exact specification!

  • Capacity: 7T
  • Condition: New
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Loading Capacity 7 000 kg
Total weight 3 600 kg
Length inclined section 8 440 mm
Length level section 2 520 mm
Overall length 11 260 mm
Overall width 2 460 mm
Usable width 2 260 mm
Variation in working level 800 - 1650mm
Lip into the container 2260 x 300mm