• Condition: New
  • Capacity: 300kg


Capacity: 300kg

Deck Size: 1200×1000

Max Height : 2180mm

Fork Spread: 600/690

-Usage of Working Platforms on forklfit trucks must comply fully with Guidance Note PM 28 .
-Forklift trucks are primarily intended for lifting materials and NOT PEOPLE. However they can be used with working platforms to allow people to work at height ONLY IN EXPECPTIONAL CIRCUMSTANCES. For more Information please check Guidance Note PM28
Some Important notes:
*Examples of occasional use are:
-Non routine maintenance tasks for which it is impractical to hire in purpose built access equipment
-The replacement of light fittings in high -rise warehouses if the task is not carried out as part of periodic maintenance operations;
-Tasks that would otherwise be carried out using less safe means of access such as ladders etc
-People on platform maintenance should wear harness and lanyards that are linked to the platform’s harness anchorage points to prevent them from overbalancing and falling over the rails.
-Platforms must have triplex Safety system (2 pins + chain to be tighten with the truck)
-in order to use platform maintenance you must check machinery manufacturing manual for permission to do so.