The moving of packages on pallets can become easier than ever! Ideal for supermarkets, factories, and warehouses our excellent quality material handling equipment can make your life easier. These products are made of high quality steel and they are designed to give you a durable, reliable and easy to use product. Widely used in carrying meat , marine products, winese, beverages, chemicals etc. and can work in very low temperature conditions i.e. in and out of freezers.

  • Condition: New
  • Capacity: 2500kg


Models: A1023

Fork Length:  1150mm

Fork Width: 540mm


  •     Inside and outside wheels avoid that the user has to apply physical exertion and also protect the Handlift.
  •     Completely sealed hydraulic pump with high-quality, elastic steal frame and forks
  •     Completely adjustable rod under the forks.
  •     Handle can be used in 3 positions.
  •     Thanks to the 3-position handle (up, neutral and down) the Handlift is secure and user-friendly.
  •     The steering wheel has a polyurethane or rubber covering, facilitating the pushing and pulling of the Handlift and offering a lifelong quality to it.
  •     CE Certificate