HYSTER LIFT TRUCKS TAKE ON TOUGH TASKS IN COMFORT WITH HYSTER LIFT TRUCKS Tough industries often push materials handling equipment to its limits. That’s why Hyster® lift trucks give you options so that you can specify the solutions that best meet your specific application’s needs. For example, selecting a cabin that will help maintain comfort for operators in arduous environments.



When operators are working long shifts or operating in demanding environments, it can lead to fatigue and strain. Hyster trucks are designed to optimise both ergonomics and visibility to help give operators comfort and confidence across their shift. This can support drivers to work with high productivity.

Many Hyster lift truck cabs come with options so that you can match your operators’ requirements. Such as a variety of seats, heating options, and different types of controls. Where the application demands it, Hyster lift trucks can also be provided with different cabins. For example, the XC cabin for the Hyster® Fortens™ 6.0-9.0FT series of IC lift trucks.


The right cabin option will always depend on the particular needs of the application and the operator. The Hyster XC cabin may be a good choice for those handling loads up to 9 tonnes and who want to maximise the operator experience in particularly tough conditions.  For example, options for your XC cabin could include seat packages, steering options, and even a digital radio to optimise the operator environment.

However, the standard XC cab configuration is already designed with a range of features to help overcome many of the typical challenges faced in intense industries.


In some operations, the air may be dirty or dusty. This is common in forklift operations in the wood, building materials, and paper industries. Similarly, lift trucks working port side must do so in salty air. These conditions can result in deposits on forklift cabin windows, which can, in turn, impact visibility for the operator. It can also disrupt operations where there is a need to stop operations to clean the exterior.

The XC cabin tackles this issue. It features a rear window wiper and washer as standard to help maintain visibility when operating in dirty air conditions. An optional wiper and washer for the top glass window is also available.

Trucks working in salty air and/or in contact with salt water (or other potentially corrosive substances), may need additional protection from the elements. With the XC cabin, an optional metallised outer frame and doors with anti-corrosion treatment can help protect the cab during the truck’s long working life.


In many industrial handling environments, trucks are not just lifting and transporting pallets. Loads may not be a standard size or shape. In wood, paper, and building materials applications, for example, loads can be tall or bulky. The challenge with these oversized loads comes with visibility.

The XC cabin for Hyster forklifts may help. Featuring extensive use of glass in its design, the cabin provides all round visibility for the operator, supporting confident and efficient operation.


Many industrial applications have outdoor materials handling operations. With durable design and capacity to lift up to 9 tonnes, IC Hyster trucks can be a good match for these tough conditions. Outdoor operations can mean that trucks need to work through harsh weather conditions. Operator comfort is also a consideration where temperatures may vary significantly.

The Hyster XC cabin has features that may benefit some operations when working in extremes. For those in hot climates, a sun curtain under the top window provides comfort and protection, while also helping to prevent glare, which could impact visibility. The XC cabin’s rear window can also be opened to provide ventilation if required and optional air conditioning can be specified if needed.

In cold or wet conditions, the XC cabin is also able to support driver visibility. Both the front and rear windows are heated to avoid the glass windows from misting up. On dark days, operators can work with greater ease and comfort thanks to LED ambient spot lights and LED strip lights in the roof. A reading lamp at the front pillar further supports in cab visibility.


Tough industrial manufacturing, storage, and handling operations may generate significant environmental noise. Partly due to the buzz of lift trucks moving around site, and also due to the sound of the materials being moved. Materials made of metal, for example, can make audible scraping and clanking noises when moved. In outdoor environments where ships, lorries, or other vehicles are also on site, this can further contribute to the noise level.

For operators working in these environments, less noise can contribute to comfort across their shift. It can also reduce distraction, supporting greater focus, and, as a result, productivity. This is where the XC cabin can help. It is noise insulated to protect the driver from the noise of the operating environment, but also from the sounds and vibrations generated by the truck itself.


The XC cabin is just one example of how Hyster can support the specific needs of tough industry applications. Our focus is on understanding your industry and your pain points, so that we can deliver solutions that have a real impact. And that’s why so many demanding operations depend on Hyster lift trucks to provide robust performance that they can count on, day in, day out.