Forklift Maintenance Tips


Material Handling Equipment requires regular maintenance and care just like every other vehicle and machinery. As time goes by, forklifts develop general wear and tear therefore they need routine or unique repairs. By having a schedule and checking any performance issues regularly; can result in excellent performance and extended durability of any forklift. Below are four tips to assist any material handling equipment owner effectively preserve any forklift.

  1. Maintain Fluid Levels

It is essential to check the antifreeze, brake and hydraulic fluids. All fluids must be at an acceptable level or the outcome can be catastrophic. Without any antifreeze fluids, a forklift can freeze. Inspect the reservoir and radiator for any leaks that may cause reductions in levels. Furthermore, add brake and hydraulic fluid as required.

  1. Routinely Change Oil

Regular oil replacement improves durability and lifespan. Change oil every three months to increase fuel economy, enhance overall performance and prevent combustion problems. Oil maintains fluid operations of the forklift’s engine which in turn also maximizes its performance.

  1. Keep All Moving Parts Lubricated

Most moving joints, or parts, of the forklift are greased. These parts are lubricated to prevent a variety of potentially harmful effects due to friction. Ensuring that all these fittings are greased on a regular basis can support optimal performance. In addition, removing all worn out ball bearings can also confirm that the forklift operates smoothly and efficiently. If all these parts are left untreated, some of these parts can severely malfunction due to the parts being excessively worn.

  1. Maintain Forklift Gauges

The various gauges and lights located on the instrument panel of the forklift give an indication when a part or component is malfunctioning. Therefore, attention must be paid to these instruments and the appropriate measurements taken whenever they indicate any faults. By doing this you can prevent more expensive repairs later.