Pallet trucks and their origin!

Old Pallet Truck

A pallet truck is a simple tool used to move one or more pallets without the necessity to use heavier lifting equipment like a forklift truck. The pallet truck or a the handlift as some may refer to , makes it possible to transport heavy load by sliding a set of forks under the pallet and with the use of a lever lifting it off the ground so that the operator can move it to the required location.


Navigation on the pallet truck is possible through a steered lever which is also responsible for lifting the weight by pulling the handle on an up and down movement. While performing the lifting movement on the pallet truck the hydraulic fluid stored in the pallet trucks pump is forced through the linkages causing the forks to lift. When you press the small handle down all this fluid is released causing the forks to lower.

Pallet truck History

Pallet trucks date back to the beginning of the 20th century when the need of transporting goods in a more efficient way was really important in order to meet the demand and increase productivity.

The small size of the pallet truck makes it efficient and very easy to use in narrow space or places where the use of a forklift truck is not possible.

Loaded pallet truck

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