Used vs New Forklifts: Which one is the right choice for you?

Guido Forklift

The decision for business owners whether to buy new or used forklifts can be a challenging one. Buying new gives you the assurance that your team has the latest technology, the highest fuel efficiency and all the latest safety features. However, the fact is that forklifts haven’t changed too much over time. Most forklifts made in the last ten years by reputable manufacturers are still as strong and reliable as ever. Even some much older models are still kicking and lifting. Apart from routine maintenance, used forklifts don’t require heroics to keep them running.

Forklift Brands

Clark Material Handling Company (CMHC) has more than 600,000 of its own forklift trucks currently in operation around the world. Being credited with having invented the word’s first truck with hydraulic lifting mechanism in 1920; Clark is considered one of the most innovative companies in the automobile industry. Hangcha might be a relatively new name in Europe, the company has been manufacturing forklift trucks since the 1970s and built its one millionth forklift truck in 1988, which it presented to China’s Antarctic research station.

It All Comes Down to Weight

Fuel efficiency has improved significantly in the last decade, but so has lift capacity. Businesses with lift requirements in excess of 8,000 euros may have no choice but to buy new. Businesses with lift requirements less than 8,000 euros are probably better off buying used forklifts from a forklift sales professional.