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Here are three examples of how Hyster equipment and special options help reduce operator fatigue and support productivity.

1.     Raised cab option for confident handling

Lift truck operators benefit from good visibility. But where large loads are being handled, it may impair an operator’s view of their surroundings. This is a typical challenge in wood industry applications where tall stacks of timber may be encountered daily, or in chemicals applications that need to handle gas bottles or bulk plastics.

When the size of the load obscures the driver’s visibility, this can lead to the operator having to drive in reverse. This may lead to operator fatigue, which could impact comfort and productivity.

To help overcome this, Hyster can offer Raised Cab options for many of its trucks, such as for the J4.0-5.5XN electric lift trucks which enhance forward visibility when handling loads up to 5.5 tonnes. This can give operators greater confidence to handle oversized loads precisely and comfortably across a shift.

2.     Operator friendly tow tractors



Industrial manufacturing operations, such as those found in the automotive sector, may demand intense line-feed operations. Operators may have long and busy shifts to keep up with unrelenting production schedules. Hyster LO5.0-7.0T Tow Tractors are designed to make this tough task more operator-friendly.

The Hyster Tow Tractor is designed with scooter control and electric steering. This reduces the arm movement required to change direction and reduces operator fatigue for optimum productivity.

The ergonomic design also features a low platform step, to reduce fatigue for operators getting on and off the truck, and a wide and long operator platform to suit operators of different sizes. A high, soft touch, back rest, also allows makes it possible for operators to select the most comfortable driving position for their particular needs.

3.     Enhanced control with Hyster Big Trucks


Many tough industrial handling operations are dealing day in, day out, with loads of more than 8-tonnes. Comfort is key for helping operators to remain productive. Through smart design, the state-of-the-art operator cabin on the Hyster H8-18XD IC lift trucks is equipped to keep operators comfortable and productive throughout a shift.

With the largest cabin entry area in the industry, the cabin provides ample space for operators of most sizes to easily and more comfortably enter and exit the cabin. Once inside, operators enjoy the comfort of a spacious cockpit style cabin. Even in applications using specialist attachments.

For example, those handling paper rolls with clamps, can benefit from quick attachment couplings that can be controlled from inside the cabin using mini lever controls. Less mounting and dismounting the truck can help reduce operator fatigue, so they can settle in for a productive shift. Forward and reverse control is also available through the optional ergonomically designed joystick, which can be integrated in the control arm for easy and intuitive operation of hydraulic functions.

It’s time to support your operators

Comfortable operators can help support productivity in tough applications. Learn more about our operator-centric solutions for Hyster equipment and how they can support your industry’s handling needs.