HOW THE NEW HYSTER® DOUBLE STACKER HELPS OPERATIONS INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY Did you know that Hyster recently added a new platform double stacker to its warehouse equipment range?

The Hyster® S2.0SD platform double stacker replaces the current Hyster P2.0SD model and is designed to help businesses improve productivity, and benefit from cost efficiencies.

This new Hyster stacker truck is well suited to operations transporting and storing palletised loads, such as logistics, retail, food distribution, and dockside applications that need productivity. Here are 10 ways that it can help businesses to optimise productivity.

  1. Handling up to two tonnes – use the Hyster stacker truck for double stacking and handling of open-sided pallets, and loads up to two tonnes (distributed between the forks and the base arms)
  2. Go two high in trailers – the Hyster platform double stacker supports the loading and unloading of pallets stacked two high in a trailer and their transportation before and afterwards
  3. Increased speed – the new Hyster stacker provides increased speed, both when laden and unladen, making it suitable for travelling long distances or for working in loading docks
  4. Efficient operation – a choice of different driving modes, a new tiller head, and a new side arms design all support operator efficiency
  5. Lifts up to 2980mm – the new Hyster stacker truck provides lift heights up to 2980mm, making it ideal for a wide range of applications
  6. Operator comfort – the truck’s platform features a rubber floormat to provide excellent grip, plus there are side/rear operator compartment panels.  Additional options are available to optimise the operator experience, such as multipurpose bars and clamps, a clipboard, and a bottle holder.
  7. Flexible to the application – businesses operating the Hyster stacker in tight spaces can benefit, thanks to the flexibility of a fold-up platform. Models with a fixed platform are also available. Optional extras (dependent on the model) include Hyster Tracker telematics, lights, a load backrest, a range of drive wheels, cold store conversion, and more.
  8. High uptime across shifts – those using a lithium-ion battery with a Hyster S2.0SD double platform stacker may benefit from high uptime across multiple shifts through opportunity charging during breaks
  9. Dependability – the new Hyster double stacker includes heavy-duty components, a robust design, and a reliable electric system for dependability
  10. Ease of serviceability – As with all Hyster warehouse equipment, the new Hyster S2.0SD stacker is designed with simple serviceability for optimal uptime

Powering your Possibilities for Double Pallet Handling