4 Reasons why your business needs forklift training..

Forklift Safety

Undoubtedly any company that deals with material handling one way or the other will eventually be involved with forklifts. The reasons are plenty beginning with increase productivity, efficiency and faster turnaround and loading times. Forklifts though are still machines and machines like these need operators. However taking into consideration that every year more than 100 people lose their lives in forklift accidents and due to the fact that we cannot really live without them here are 4 reasons why you should have qualified operators running your forklift trucks.

No.1 Save time and increase productivity. A qualified and well trained forklift driver can be more efficient with these machines, ensuring that time is saved and distributed to more tasks. Which makes it a good of reason on its own taking in mind the demanding processes in todays businesses.

No.2 Accident prevention. As more and more forklifts are being used in businesses, more and more accidents will occur. What does an accident mean though for your business? Loss of manpower and medical costs are minimal when talking about loss of life. A properly trained forklift operator has the appropriate skills to handle situations that would have led to a possible injury!

No. 3 Inventory Loss prevention. Not every forklift accident results in injuries. However all the rest pretty much mean mishandling of equipment or materials that eventually lead to inventory loss. In most occasions these may seem minimal but added up and over time they can be a big loss for your company..

No. 4 Less maintenance and less money spend on repairs. As part of the training of a forklift operator is how to maintain their trucks. Making sure that they run in good condition and minimizing the risk of expensive repairs or even replacements. A forklift which hasn’t been maintained properly will cost more as well as hurting your productivity during its downtime.

Appropriate forklift training is not something that many businesses pay attention to and although most countries are now making this mandatory many still fail to ensure that their personnel is properly trained. Just remember a well trained forklift operator is an efficient and risk free one!




image source: http://worksafetysolutions.com.au/