Do you think you know how to charge your forklift battery? (VIDEO)

Forklift Battery Corrosion

Do you think you know how to charge your forklift battery? Have a look below!

Forklift traction batteries are one of the most expensive parts of a fork truck that have as a drawback an expiry date. Since they are so expensive to replace it is very important that the full working life is obtained and the only way to do this is with proper charging and maintenance.

“A well maintained traction battery may last up to 8 years.”

Charging Tips:

  1. Keep the electrolytes topped up and your battery tops, terminals, connectors and cables free from corrosion.
  2. Never allow your batteries to stay discharged for any period of time. This will cause the battery plates to decompose and form a sediment at the bottom
  3. Batteries should be placed on charge at the end of every shift or when they show signs of discharge. E.g. An electric forklift truck that is used just a few times during the day, on a single charge should last maximum 2 days.
  4. Do not overcharge or undercharge your battery as it may cause serious damage over a period of time.

Note: During the charging process hydrogen gas is generated. This is an extremely explosive gas so you should remember..NO SMOKING or NAKED FLAMES IN YOUR CHARGING AREA!

10 Steps to Placing on Charge:

  1. Select the right charger.
  2. Park your forklift truck correctly.
  3. Switch off at mains and charger to prevent sparks.
  4. Disconnect the battery plug and couple with the charger plug.
  5. Remove the battery cover to ventilate the battery top and cells.
  6. In the case where a clock exists on your charger set it to Normal charge.
  7. Switch on the charger.
  8. Check the ammeter and ensure the battery is charging.
  9. Report faults if any to the supervisor.

6 Steps of Removing from Charge:

  1. Check your ammeter to make sure the charge is completed.
  2. Isolate mains and the charger switches.
  3. Uncouple the battery plug from the charger and connect back to your forklift truck.
  4. Coil up the plug and the lead and place on top of the charger.
  5. Report any faults to the supervisor.

Topping up your battery is also an important factor in maintaining its life span. Please keep an eye on our blog for more tips for topping up your forklift battery.