Topping Up Battery Cells and Simple Battery Maintenance. How to!

How To Top Up Your Traction Battery

Charging your battery in the right way is not enough to ensure its long lasting. The other important factor when it comes to forklift batteries is topping up the battery cells.

Remember! The electrolyte within each cell consists of a very strong solution of sulphuric acid. This solution is extremely corrosive and it is necessary to take precautions and wear the correct protective clothing when topping up or carrying out any sort of maintenance.

These should be:

  • Acid proof apron
  • Rubber gloves
  • Goggles

Below are a few tips for simple forklift battery maintenance and neutralizing the solution if required.

  1. Always keep an eye wash solution close to your charging area. In the scenario where electrolytes will come in contact with your eyes this will come in handy until medical assistance is sought. If you have skin contact then rinse off and again seek medical assistance.
  2. Neutralizing the electrolyte is quite easy. All you need is a water and soda solution, or ammonia and water. These ingredients when combined together they have the ability to neutralize acid. Using just water will not work as after it evaporates the acid still remains.
  3. Never use this solution on battery tops as any leak in the cell can damage or even destroy your battery. The best way to clean the battery tops is Hot Water.
  4. You must always top the battery cells with distilled or de-mineralised water that was not stored in a metallic container. Not doing so the water can become ionized and affect the electrolyte.
  5. Your battery terminal, plugs and cables should be cleaned of corrosion from time to time. A good way to reduce corrosion is by covering these with a thin layer of lanolin or petroleum jelly.

Check out these simple guidelines on how to properly charge your forklift battery.


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