White Forklift Tires (Non-Marking). The What and the Why..!

Non Marking Forklift Tires Cyprus

Maybe you have noticed some forklift trucks wearing white forklift tires and wondered the reason why they are white. Well white forklift tires or as they call them non- marking forklift tires are simply tires that leave a lot less marks on the floor than the regular ones.

Now they really have specific usage and they are intended for warehouses containing food or hygiene products, especially in pharmaceutical and food processing units. Most countries regulations make it mandatory for these industries that you use non-marking tires, solely for hygiene reasons.

But what is the difference with normal forklift tires? Well..The obvious!

Normal tires are usually black. The reason they are black is because of the soot usually added to the tire rubber mix while being manufactured. This makes the rubber more resistant to wear while giving UV protection to the tires (UV Radiation by the way is a major threat to your tires lifespan). White tires contain silica instead of soot and they are also infused with anti-oxidants to the rubber in order to provide UV Protection.



  • Minimized floor marking which results in minimized floor cleaning.
  • Performance-wise they are exactly the same as normal forklift tires.
  • The core of the white forklift tires is almost identical to solid cushion forklift tires.
  • Good traction
  • Low rolling resistance and low heat built-up.



  • More expensive
  • They wear out at an average 25% sooner than normal forklift tires, this is also due to the fact that carbon black is removed from the tires.
  • Although they don’t leave markings, they leave invincible dust on the warehouse floor while still depositing the same amount of rubber on the floor.
  • Also non-marking tires have no anti-static properties meaning that when being used close to flammable materials or explosives they need to be fitted with earthing straps.




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