Can you really drive a forklift? Safety on the slope..5 RULES!

Forklift On Slope With Load

Are you sure you or your forklift drivers know how to drive a forklift? Undoubtedly forklifts play a huge role in material handling helping in transporting heavy loads while being efficient, making really laborious tasks easy.

Every item in your daily use has been handled at least 3 times on a forklift truck or other material handling equipment by the time of purchase.

While being efficient though, these machines can be extremely dangerous with operators that have not received adequate training. In this blog post we will cover safety on a slope as a huge majority of forklift accidents occur while on a slope.


1. Always drive slower while on a slope


2. On load Forks face up the slope. You need to make sure that your forks always face uphill while holding a load. If the forks face downhill there is a high risk of your load falling over, therefore always travel downhill in reverse.


3.  Without load Forks face down the slope. While driving without load on a slope you must make sure that your forks face downhill. Also it is really important to adjust the tilt of your forks to avoid them “catching“..


4. Always park on level ground. NEVER on a slope! If required ensure you chock the wheels.


5. Never turn while on a slope. This could lead to your forklift tipping on the side or your load sliding.



Stay Safe!!