Which Forklift Tire is for You? Solid Vs Pneumatic..

Forklift Tires Solid Vs Pneumatic

It’s easy to know that you are in need of a forklift truck. But which truck to purchase or lease is another story. Many elements play a major role into making a selection and one of these elements is the type of tire.

The 2 major types of forklift tires are Solid and Pneumatic. But what is the difference?

Firstly let’s look at the basics.

Solid Tires:

Solid tires, in comparison with pneumatic tires, they are not filled with air. These tires are made out of mostly solid rubber and were designed mainly for industrial flat surface applications and this is one of the reasons that forklifts use this type of tire.

Pneumatic Tires:

Pneumatic forklift tires are filled with air and look like the tires used on trailer trucks, but in smaller scale and they are generally intended for rough outdoor applications due to their shock absorbent capabilities.

Pneumatic vs Solid

The type of forklift you require always depends on your facilities and type of work. Usually this will also define which type of tire you will use.

Below are a few characteristics specific to the tires.

  • Solid Tires have more life extendancy. Due to the tire having a rubber core, it allows your authorize tire dealer to create markings on the tire whenever it goes flat meaning that your tire can last for a really long period. For this reason though solid tires are significantly more expensive than pneumatic forklift tires.
  • Solid tires have no shock absorbent capabilities meaning that if you intend to use your forklift for outdoor and uneven gravel you can only use a pneumatic tire forklift. Solid tires require a smooth and flat surface to function.
  • Larger capacity forklifts require the use of pneumatic tires.
  • When it comes to forklift lifespan it is generally accepted that using pneumatic tires your forklift will have a longer life especially if your truck is intended for heavy weight applications.

Purchasing Tires tips:

  • Always check for a Reach certificate.
  • You may require white / no-marking tires for specific purposes. Have a look at white no marking tires blog post for more information and tips.
  • Forklift Solid tires always last longer than pneumatic tires. Sometimes up to 3 or 4 times longer! So when not in need of a pneumatic, go solid!

Whatever the case it is always a good idea to know what you need to buy, sometimes your type of work will define your type of forklift and tire, but sometimes its just a matter of making the best choice based on economy and performance.