IMH 10th Supply Chain & Logistics Summit

Handling Cyprus

Y. Skembedjis & Sons would like to thank every individual that attended the 10th Supply Chain & Logistics Conference and supported the company at Hilton Park, Nicosia on the 25th of October, 2016. The event analyzes the importance of redefining and effective supply chain management, providing the opportunity to develop a powerful competitive advantage. The summit highlighted how every business regardless of size can improve the management of supply chain, benefits, increased profits and the future of the industry, while focusing on innovative practices that will upgrade the strategic choices of Cypriot companies for the efficient functioning of the supply chain and logistics. The conference and exhibition was aimed at entrepreneurs, executives, senior business executives and organizations, such as supply chain managers and logistics, human resources managers, operations directors / managers, financial, commercial and technical managers, sales managers, marketing, production and other. Alongside the conference, there will be an exhibition, where participants will have the opportunity to come into contact with companies offering products / services and supply chain solutions and logistics. Below are some photos of our company’s appearance at the event.


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